Definition - *WTF Official Wino* Someone who loves our wine, supports our brand and enjoys getting free swag!

Become an Official Wino!

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**All of (1) varietal available upon request**


How It Works

As a member of our wine club enjoy wine conveniently shipped right to your door, discounts on all wine and complimentary gear! There is absolutely no cost to join and the wine is actually cheaper through the club than buying it separately. You are free to cancel after the first shipment but we are so sure you'll love the wine that we doubt you will! Don't worry about reordering, we've got you covered. We'll automatically send you a new shipment every quarter - this way you'll always be stocked up. And don't forget to snap some pics of those crazy moments that make you say WTF! and send them to us. We'll select one lucky club member's photo as the label for our exclusive May shipment where we roll out a brand new varietal with an awesome new label and only send it to our club members. Just another reason why being an Official Wino is awesome!

Pick your level ► Enjoy wine conveniently shipped to your door 4 times a year ► Wear your gear ► Tell your friends and family ► Send us pics of your crazy wine moments!

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Referral Program

We truly appreciate your support and your help growing our brand. As a special thank you we offer the following depending on how many friends you send our way:

(5): Special limited edition promo item OR 50% OFF Coupon
(10): A WHOLE case (12 bottles) of wine for $1 + shipping
(15): Exclusive promo event thrown in your city with special VIP treatment for you and your friends!
(20+): WOW, you really love us! Let's talk!!!

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  • * Discounts on ALL wine
  • * No cost to join
  • * Access to exclusive promo gear
  • * Opportunity to host your very own In-Home Wine Tasting
  • * Chance to have your crazy photo selected for the May exclusive release wine
  • * Ability to earn awesome rewards when you refer your friends & family
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